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3 Tips to Manage Anxiety in Kids and Parents Through Creative Crafting [+ FREE Activity Packs]


There’s no doubt about it, parents and kids are bearing the brunt of the Coronavirus anxiety that has rocked the globe.

Not only are parents having to stay home with their kids daily due to school closures, but in some countries, kids have been staying in their homes month-after-month.

This urgent need for parent flexibility coupled with uncertain economy calls for desperate measures. 

As parents, now is the time to think outside the box to find business solutions that allow you flexi-time and a basic income. And it doesn’t stop there, we also need room for nurturing our kids and helping our neighbours and community. 

The Creative Crafting Club membership site is the perfect tool to get your foot in the door and guide you every step of the way. What better time to join a community of likeminded people, online! 


Below are 3 tips to manage anxiety in kids and parents through creative crafting:


1. Maintain levels of structure and encourage play diversity

By far the best advice we’ve received from parents in the trenches is to maintain levels of structure and encourage play diversity.

Creative Crafting nurtures STEAM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) which in itself offers an easy toolkit to reduce anxiety and calm the emotions. 

For example:

  • Science –whisk up home-made playdough
  • Technology –build a rocketship 
  • Engineering –construct a bridge out of matches or dowels and see how much weight it can hold
  • Arts – start a scrapbook
  • Mathematics –calculate anything and everything. 


2. Crafting can help reduce anxiety and increase happiness

Research suggests that crafting is much more than just an outlet for personal expression or a way to pass the time. Crafting can help reduce anxiety and increase happiness.

With distance learning on the rise, Creative crafting can assist kids to grasp academic concepts and relieve tension or pressure in a fun, creative way. Not only can it help parents discuss challenging subjects, generally teachers are trained to do, but if offers therapeutic benefits too.


3. Talk, listen and answer questions

As parents, it's our job, to talk, listen and answer questions our kids have about the world around them. Creative crafting can offer a safe, nurturing haven for both parent and child to explore, create and invent while engaging in difficult conversations.


We’ve put together a number of craft activities that can help both you and your child calm anxious emotions and lift the spirit.

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