4 Myths of Starting a Kids Creative Crafting Club


Is there something specific that is holding you back from starting your own creative kids club? Is it money? Time? Insecurities? 

After helping dozens of women kick-start and grow their crafting clubs we’ve noticed a very common thread of myths and doubts that exist around the idea of launching your a club.

These myths and doubt that are floating around out there are keeping people from pursuing their dream of working with children in a creative environment.

In today's blog we are going to share the top 4 myths of starting and running a kids crafting club.

Let's dive right in!


Myth #1: I need formal teacher training to run a kids crafting club

"I can't start a kids club because I don't have a fine arts degree or formal teacher training."

Can you relate? 

Not to worry, you don't need formal education to run an at-home or after school kids crafting club. Gone are the days of spending 2 to 5 years obtaining certification or a qualification before you can lift a finger and start earning money. 

There are so many new opportunities to LEARN nowadays, think of all the e-books, courses, memberships and other resources that condense massive learning into months and sometimes even weeks.

The online world has opened doors for us all. 

What you DO need though, is a passion for working with kids, an appreciation for learning-through-play, enthusiasm and the ability to communicate well with kids.

If you feel the need to boost your confidence working with groups of children, then you could always volunteer at your kid’s school, a daycare, after school club or holiday camp.

Myth #1: BUSTED!


Myth #2: I need business training to start a small business

Business training or experience is a bonus, but as a creative kids club owner, I can tell you that experience in multitasking is more essential! Luckily as moms, multitasking is one of our superpowers. 

Because of multitasking, I can load the dishwasher, listen to an episode of my favorite podcast, feed little Henry on his high chair and even text my sister back.

As a kids crafting club owner you will have to perform a whole range of tasks, especially at the beginning.

These tasks will range from shopping for arts and craft supplies, prepping for class, posting flyers on social media, brainstorming studio decorations, chatting to schools, crèches and other clubs and most fun of all, hosting your classes. 

Business owners wear many hats - and if you are planning on running a kids crafting club: get ready to also wear a Paw Patrol and frog hat from time to time (pun intended!).  

The Creative Crafting Club shares loads of business learnings and ideas as part of the membership and you can implement it as you see fit. As with any new business, you will need a lot of persistence and the ability to hustle. Launching a business requires time and energy.  

Myth #2: BUSTED!


Myth #3: I need to be a born creative to host crafting classes

No you don’t! Ask yourself: am I able to guide and inspire kids? 

If the answer is YES, then OPEN THOSE CRAFTY DOORS! The Creative Crafting Club also offers step-by-step lesson plans that are very easy to follow . 

You know what? Not being very artistic may even count in your favor... If you have Michelangelo skills it may discourage kids and make them think that they have to live up to your standards.

Whatever you do, don’t ever forget: if your students have an awesome time, they will want to come back. So as long as you can make it a SUPER experience for them, your business will be off to a great start.

Myth #3: BUSTED! 


Myth #4: I need heaps of start up cash before I can begin

This myth is completely false. 

Let’s break it down.

For you to start your own club, you need the following:

1. A table/ space to host classes

Do you have a dining room table at your house or tables at your local school or community centre? Yes? Ok good. Check!

2. Craft Supplies 

Want to know the secret to running a low cost crafting club?

Start collecting recycled goods! UPCYCLING IS OUR FRIEND!

That’s right, before you continue reading, go and grab two boxes and label them:

  • Cardboard, paper and toilet rolls, wine corks
  • Plastic bottles, tins and empty milk boxes

Get your family to join in on the project and start collecting. Ask your friends to do the same!

Other than that you will need to buy some basic supplies, you can start by buying about $100 of basics and grow from there. 

Here is a list of our top 10 favorite arts and crafts supplies. You will be able to do about 80% of the Creative Crafting Club lesson plans with this list of supplies.

3. Students

In our experience, the most effective way of getting students is: word of mouth.

Use your network!

Being referred by someone who has visited one of your classes is more valuable than handing out 1000 flyers or posting Facebook ads.  

4. Lesson plans

Again, the online world saves the day! There are loads of FREE resources online for anyone to use. 

** Warning: Beware of Pinterest! Most of the crafts are created by adults and need to be properly tested to ensure that they work for kids. 

Click here to get started with some lesson plan freebies.

Myth #4: BUSTED!


So there you have it! 

Want a proven step-by-step roadmap to start and grow your kids crafting club? Then head over to join the waitlist for the Creative Crafting Club Membership. ** We only open for enrollment a few times per year. 


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