Teach art to kids and create recurring income

We’ve been talking a lot about the HUGE opportunity for creatives to start a subscription-based art club right now.

Why? Because we’ve done it! And here’s what happened...

  • It has created recurring income that we can depend on month after month
  • We get to work from the comfort of our homes and still reach thousands
  • It has given us more freedom, flexibility and time to spend with those we love
  • It is incredibly rewarding to see kids connect and grow through art

That’s why we are excited to announce that we’ve JUST launched a brand new membership to help you do just that!


Canvas Club Art Club: A membership with art lessons and done-for-you marketing designs to help you bring in monthly income with a kids art club.

After all, teaching art to kids should be fun!

Don't get stuck figuring out...

  • What lessons to teach each week
  • How to create marketing designs
  • What supplies to use
  • How to set up and manage your membership (it's easy, we'll show you how!)

Use our ready-to-go art teaching system to teach kids aged 5 and up!

We've taught thousands of students and hundreds of club owners over the years and now we are bringing our exact resources to you! 

We’ve made a 4 minute video to tell you about it! You can watch it here.

If you’re:

  • dreaming about teaching art to kids ages 5 and up (online, in person or through kits)…or
  • you already teach art and you are looking to spend less time planning lessons and creating marketing designs and more time creating amazing art with kids...

Then the Art Club is for you!

What will I get when I become a member? 

You'll get our proven membership blueprint, art video tutorials and done-for-you marketing resources to create your own art club subscription for kids aged 5 and up.

  1. Get a weekly art video tutorial with full rights to reteach step by step at your own club.
  1. Get full rights to marketing designs (social media posts, write-ups, supply lists, photos and lesson planner) for each project to use for your own marketing and advertisements.
  1. Get access to our private support community. Make friends and share your students' art!
Use the done-for-you system and resources to run your art club to suit your lifestyle: teach online, teach in-person or sell art kits.



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