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Get ready to learn how to start and grow your very own kids crafting club, that works around your family's schedule!

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What to Expect:

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Note: The trainings listed above are just the start - we’ll have workbook downloads, examples and stories from Kids Crafting Club Owners in our community, Q&A sessions, a private Facebook group… and more. But all this is only available for a short time (it closes down on October 2nd)... so be sure to check it out now before it all comes down.

6 Reasons to Join Our FREE Workshop Series

This is the first time ever we are sharing our secrets on how we built our successful kids crafting club.

We'll be sharing the strategies we’ve used to help dozens of other women all over the world start and grow their kids crafting clubs.

We'll be covering +-1.5 hours of free, in-depth training on how to start and grow your very own kids crafting club that is flexible, fun and low in stress.

You’ll get FREE PDF downloads, resources, and real life examples to help you get started quickly.

You’ll have access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can connect with the community and ask us any questions you may have.

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