Launch Your First Craft Kit in 4 Days

 Launch Your Craft Kit in Just 4 Days! 

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In this mini workshop you will achieve the first 4 proven milestones to go from just dreaming about your kit to launching, with confidence!

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 With this mini workshop you will get: 

  • Short VIDEO TRAININGS (we know you're busy) with a WORKBOOK that will guide you through the first 4 important milestones to launch your craft kit business, with confidence!
  • BONUS 1: A 22 page detailed PDF eBook that covers everything from your customer, what to put inside your kits, logistics, packaging, pricing, marketing and so much more!

✅  Decide who your kits will be for
✅  What should you put inside your kit?
✅  Examples of how others are doing it
✅  How to name your kit
✅  Finding supplies
✅  Let's talk packaging
✅  Making your kits stand out
✅  Getting your kits to your customers
✅  How to do pricing
✅  Marketing tips
✅  Legal tips      

  • BONUS 2: EDITABLE Instruction Template with full rights to use in your kits!
  • BONUS 3: 2 x EDITABLE Marketing Flyers with full rights to customise and use to promote your kits!
BUY NOW FOR ONLY $19 USD *Available Globally*

Hey there! We're Christelle and Stefanie, sisters and founders of the Creative Crafting Club.

We went from overworked and stressed out to running our own thriving kids crafting club (with online and in-person classes and a monthly art box subscription).

We're so happy you are here because it shows that a part (or all) of you believes starting your very own craft kit on your own terms is possible. 

And you are sooo right: it totally is!

We teach creatives, just like you, how to start and grow their own fun, flexible and fulfilling kids crafting clubs (online, in-person and with craft kits)!

After successfully helping thousands of women bring their dream of starting a kids crafting club to life and create some extra money for their families, our deepest hope is that we’ll be able to help you do the same.

We hope this mini workshop and starter guide will give you clarity and inspiration. All you need to do is start taking action. But don't worry, we are here to cheer you on!

Are you ready? Let’s do this!


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