Membership Terms


Click here to download our CCC syllabus and see the updated list of content that is available to you.


This website and the service it provides contain intellectual property owned by Creative Crafting Club Ltd. This includes the graphics, text, images, lesson plans, instruction templates, workbooks, guides and videos. This is provided to you as part of the Service for your individual use only and a single-user license. 

You have access to all materials presented and offered in this membership site for as long as you are a member.

You may use the Creative Crafting Club lessons to teach "small closed communities", i.e. for your own personal use inside a classroom, teaching at home, online, or through a business-based studio.

You may use the lesson plans and instruction templates to add to your creative kits to sell. 

You may post your student’s results on your website or social media.

You may use the social media starter pack, lead magnet activity starter guides and marketing materials provided inside the memberships for marketing purposes.

You may not post Creative Crafting Club lesson plans or resources on your website or social media.

You may not use the Creative Crafting Club's training modules, art/craft lessons, PDF's, instruction templates or workbooks for your blog, public platforms, websites, social media, online courses or to grow your YouTube following.

You may not sell or redistribute our resources to anyone else or share our resources with anyone else, whether it be another individual or group.


Your email address will be used to contact you about account status, sending you weekly newsletters and other actions initiated by you on, such as downloads of freebies. We will never sell your email address or use it for any purposes other than contacting you about Creative Crafting Club related concerns.


You may not use the Creative Crafting Club’s name and/ or logo for your club. Nor its images, photographs, lessons, or graphics in the use of your own promotion or advertisement of your own services.


Membership services are all individual subscriptions and do not belong to a group or institution. One email address and one customer per membership subscription.


You alone carry the responsibility for your club. Creative Crafting Club shall not be liable or responsible to you, your club, your clients and students.

It is your responsibility to obtain permission from caretakers and/ or parents to capture and share photographs of their children on any platform. 


You can upgrade to a yearly membership or lifetime plan to save on your monthly fee.

When you upgrade from a monthly to yearly membership, your yearly membership starts on the day your last monthly payment ends.

Please contact us at [email protected] to upgrade your membership.


We want you to be completely happy with your purchase. You have to take enough risks in life, this membership shouldn’t be one of them. Try the membership for 14 days, and if you see it's not for you, we’ll be happy to refund your entire purchase.

All you need to do is contact us at [email protected] within 14 days of your purchase, and you will receive a hassle-free refund in full.

After 14 days of joining the membership, there are no refunds for membership fees already paid.

Due to the downloadable nature of our digital products, we do not offer refunds on access fees.


During the course of the membership you may cancel your account at any time and there are no fees to do so. You will need to cancel at least 1 business day prior to Your upcoming billing date.

Once you cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to the Creative Crafting Club membership or any of its content. You will also be removed from the Members-only Facebook Group.


You can join the membership again at the next enrolment period. However, if the price of the membership has increased, you will have to enrol at the new price.