The Ultimate Starter Guide: Teach Arts & Crafts to Kids IN PERSON

 Do you dream of running IN PERSON arts & crafts classes for kids and making some extra money, but don't know where to start? 

You've come to the right place! The Creative Crafting Club presents:

The Ultimate Starter Guide: Teach In Person Arts & Crafts Classes to Kids!

In this PDF guide we give you our 11 proven steps to go from just dreaming about teaching arts and crafts to getting started, with confidence! 

Whether you want to teach from home, a studio space, at schools or run a mobile club, this guide is the perfect starting point!

 What you'll get: 

 Detailed PDF Guide with our proven steps:
1. Make sure starting a kids arts & crafts club is right for YOU
2. Pick a name for your club
3. Find a venue
4. Supplies
5. Plan your arts & crafts lessons (BONUS includes: 3 done-for-you craft lessons + 2 done-for-you art lessons)
6. Determine your pricing
7. Set a date for your launch class
8. Create a flyer
9. Marketing
10. Let's talk legal
11. Launch your club
3x Craft Lesson Plans with age recommendations, supply lists, parent handouts and step-by-step instructions! 2x Art Lesson Plans with done-for-you instruction templates 


 Hey there, we're Christelle & Stefanie! 

Sisters and founders of the Creative Crafting Club.

We went from having no flexibility and feeling unfulfilled to starting and growing our own successful kids art & crafts club.

We started with 1 studio and grew to teaching at 61 fixed venues in 2 years.

Since, we’ve had the privilege to help thousands of other creatives from all over the world in as many as 22 countries to start and grow their own clubs too. 

It wasn't easy from the start and we've learnt a LOT of lessons.

That’s why we created this club: to equip YOU with a proven plan to successfully set up and run your art & craft club.

This will give you freedom to create your own schedule, to be your own boss and help kids develop the confidence to create and experiment, all while having a ton of fun!

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

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