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Hey there, we're Christelle & Stefanie

We help you start, run and grow your own kids crafting club, with our step-by-step training and easy-to-use lesson plans.


Do you dream of sharing your love of arts and crafts with kids and making some extra money in the process? 

You’ve come to the right place!

But perhaps you are thinking...
  • I don't know where to start, what comes first?

  • Where do I find a venue and what supplies do I use?

  • How do I find (and keep) students?

  • I lack the confidence and guts

  • Lesson planning! I don't have the time or expertise!

  • COVID-19 is making me overthink it

We get you. We've been there!

That's why we created the Creative Crafting Club!

The Creative Crafting Club is a complete training and support program that teaches you how to set up, run and grow your very own kids crafting club!

But before we get ahead of ourselves! Let's start at the beginning. :)

How We Went From Overworked Architect and Engineer to Helping Hundreds of Women Build Kids Crafting Clubs They Love

Hey there, we're Christelle & Stefanie, sisters and founders of Canvas Club and the Creative Crafting Club.

Before we started our kids crafting club Christelle ran her own architectural firm and Stefanie worked as an industrial engineer in the online retail sector.

While we were so grateful to have successful careers, something was just not sitting right...

Christelle was about to start a family, looked for flexibility and purpose and wanted to follow her passion for crafting and Stefanie was very eager to get out of the rat race and follow her dream of becoming a creative entrepreneur.

Something had to change.

We got together and spoke about the possibility of creating a career and business that could bring us fulfilment, flexibility and most importantly that would enable us to be creative and empower others to make a positive impact too.

That’s how Canvas Club, our kids crafting club was born.

We didn't do it perfectly from the start.

We've made a lot of mistakes and have gained heaps of learnings along the way. 

Over the years, we've had the privilege to teach thousands of children in our kids crafting studio in sunny Cape Town and have learnt sooo many lessons along the way. 

We had moms reaching out to us saying: “We also want to do this, can you teach us how?"

Long story short, we ended up franchising Canvas Club to over 50 locations in South Africa and Namibia. 


But what happened then was… the applications did not stop, they kept rolling in from all over the world, literally THOUSANDS of applications.

We were over the moon! And we had to figure out a way to share our business learnings, lesson plans and all the crafty goodness with women that shared our passion GLOBALLY.

Luckily being an engineer and creative, Stefanie was able to package our Canvas Club franchise offering into an fully-online Membership site, and the Creative Crafting Club was born. 

The Creative Crafting Club online membership is an affordable monthly subscription that gives you tried-and-tested creative crafting lesson plans, teaching tips and business tools to start your own kids creative crafting club from home, at schools or in your community. 

Basically everything that we have learned from running our own club and our franchise and more.

After successfully helping hundreds of women create their own kids crafting clubs, our hope is that we’ll be able to help you do the same.

Creativity Awaits - Ready, Set, Go!

Christelle and Stefanie

A Little About Christelle

Christelle was an architect in her previous life.

She's mom to very busy toddler, Henry.

As much as she loves crafting, she dislikes cooking. If she didn't have a family to feed 'real food', she would easily have settled for eating salads, sweets and toasties for the rest of her life.

Obsessed with kids crafting and all things creative.

A Little About Stefanie

Business 'geek' that gets her energy from designing systems and processes and solving problems.

Passionate about creative entrepreneurship and believer that you are in control of your own destiny.

Can be found travelling to wherever it's Summer, spending time outdoors and on the beach with her husband or binging a good Netflix series.

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