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Big-Eyed Owl Art Lesson: Video Tutorial + Instruction Printable


Have you ever taught art online or sold art kits??

It’s a great way to bring creativity to kids from the comfort of your home and create extra money for your family. 

Whether you’re already teaching online or selling kits, or hope to be someday, we’ve got just the thing for you today! 

Well, two things really:

  1. A gift...
  2. And a challenge! :)

Let’s start with the gift:

Today we’re sharing one of our favourite projects from our art club with you. (Yes, for free :))

In this lesson, our teacher (and qualified artist) Lili will show you step by step how to teach kids how to draw and paint a spectacular Big-Eyed Owl.

As a bonus, you will also get the done-for-you instruction template to add to your kit.

Click here to get the free online tutorial and instruction template

Ok, let’s get to the challenge:

Now that you have a step-by-step art project and instructions, we want to challenge you to use it for good. 💗

Instructions on how to use your gift for good:

 If you’re thinking of teaching art or selling kits, jump to number 1, then follow the steps. 

 If you already have an art club, jump to number 2, then follow the steps. 

1. I'm thinking of teaching art or selling kits

Step 1: Watch the free art lesson video or read the instructions
Step 2: Gather a few kids
Step 3: Reteach the lesson using supplies you have at home
Bonus point: Share a pic in our free Facebook group!

2. I already have an art club:

Step 1: Give yourself a high-five, because you’re awesome :)
Step 2: Instead of spending hours online researching and preparing, watch the free lesson, grab the instruction template and reteach it at your next lesson
Bonus point: Share a pic in our free Facebook group!

We hope this will bring you one step closer to sharing your love of creativity with kids.

With love,
Christelle & Stefanie

P.S. When the time is right for you, we’d love for you to join our Art Lesson Club! Get the art lessons, marketing designs and membership blueprint you need to successfully teach art to kids. Learn more and join us right here:


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