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Create your Own Weird and Wacky Creatures With This Fun Drawing Game!

Have you ever seen such wacky creatures? They're wacky because they were created by rolling dice! Want to know how? Keep reading...

Many artworks are created using pure imagination - allowing students to come up with their own ideas of what to draw and how to draw it, perhaps with a little guidance from their teachers.

Other artworks are created by following instructions (no imagination required). Teachers show their students step by step how to create an artwork using specific methods and techniques.

But how often have you come across an art class where the teacher used chance and rolling the dice to create an artwork?

By making a game out of an art tutorial, we achieve 3 things:

1. Students are given the chance to be imaginative with the creation of an "instruction sheet" for their own game

The Wacky Creatures Drawing Game requires students to be creative in coming up with their own custom instruction sheet (with fun body parts) that will later be used in the game. This gives them the chance to think and draw freely without any constraints or rules.

2. Students are given structure with the rules of the game

Art classes based purely on imagination and free drawing can be fun, but they can also become monotonous. For the sake of variation and ensuring that your students feel engaged, introducing a bit of structure can go a long way. In the Wacky Creatures Drawing Game, game rules are introduced to create this sense of structure.

3. Students are given the chance to have fun and be surprised by their creations

A game of chance can be riveting for players of all ages. Think about the satisfaction gained by rolling the dice to land on 'free parking' in Monopoly or rolling five Aces in Yahtzee!

The same level of engagement and anticipation is introduced in the Wacky Creatures Drawing Game when students roll the dice to discover which body part they'll be adding to their creature next. The possible combinations are endless!

In this fun draw-and-paint-along, artist and teacher Lili shows us how to roll the dice and create our own weird and wacky creatures!

Lili teaches us how to create a grid, how to draw tons of different body parts, and how to piece them all together to create our own creatures.

If you'd like to join in the fun, grab your art supplies and watch the video here:

What you’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Black marker or pen
  • Any colouring supplies
  • Dice or a cube-shaped object with numbers stuck to the sides

We'd love to see how your kids' projects turn out!

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