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Define who your Kits are for in 4 Easy Steps!

When we first started our kids crafting club, our vision was to serve EVERYONE with all things arts and crafts.

We hosted kids craft classes, parties, workshops, adults craft classes, and even sold kids craft kits AND adults craft kits. 

We were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and, well, all over the place!

Can you relate?

The problem was, we weren't specific in who we were trying to serve so we didn't become well-known for one specific thing. 

In trying to serve everyone we ended up serving no one...

Something had to change...

We quickly realised that we needed to get crystal clear on who our ideal customer was if we were ever going to become a success.

AND IT WORKED! The moment we did this, we started getting the traction we needed and our business took off! 🚀


The secret to your never-ending success as an arts & crafts club owner is to have loyal customers who return month after month.

The way to achieve that is to identify and intimately understand your 'ideal customer' and to keep them in mind with every single thing you do and every decision you make.

Nothing in your business matters more than your customers.

And that’s why it’s one of the first things you need to get crystal clear on: Who is my ideal customer? Who are the people that are going to love my kits, who are going to buy them again and again and again?

In today's video we’re going to get crystal clear on who your craft kits are for in just 4 easy steps. We've also created a super helpful workbook for you to use to follow along. 

Watch the video or read the written version below.

Don’t forget to follow along with your own copy of our 'Define Your Ideal Customer' Workbook.

So let’s talk about your ideal customer.

I know what you might be thinking…. My ideal customers are all parents! Because I know how important arts and crafts are and allll parents need to get their kids to do arts and crafts.

Although I totally agree that all kids need to do arts & crafts, from a business point of view, if you try to target everyone you will reach no one! 

Maybe you're thinking, 'whaaaat? Stefanie, you’re crazy. Targeting more people will OF COURSE help me make more money!'

Let me tell you today that this is not the case. I’m going to repeat what I just said: if you target everyone you will reach no one.

Because the following is true:

The riches are in the niches!

That means that the narrower your focus is, the greater your chance of success will be.

Let’s quickly chat about what a niche is. A niche is a very specific segment of a group of people.

For example: 

If you look at crafts for children as your main group, a segment of that group could be crafts for children 4 - 6 years old. A niche of that segment could be STEAM crafts for children 4 - 6 years old.

By targeting a specific niche your marketing messaging can be highly targeted. 

This results in much higher sales because you can talk directly to your ideal customer and grab their attention and they’ll KNOW your kit was MADE FOR THEM.

So let’s quickly chat about your niche: dive down and get specific!

Grab 4 sticky notes.

Sticky note 1: age group

On the first sticky note write “age group” at the top. 

Who is your craft kit going to be for? What age group do you want to cater for? Write it down on a sticky note. Perhaps you are going to cater for toddlers to tweens. Write that down.

Sticky note 2: what they love, what are they passionate about

Now on a second sticky note, draw a “heart” at the top.

Write down what that age group loves - what are they passionate about? You might have to do some research if you’re not familiar with this, phone up some friends or do some research online - do they like STEAM crafts or messy play or knitting or fine art? Get it all down on your sticky note. 

Circle the one idea that you feel most passionate and excited about.

Sticky note 3: combine 1 & 2 to find your niche

Now on a 3rd sticky note, write down “my niche” at the top. Combine 1 and 2. 

Sticky note 4: your ideal customer/the person paying

Now grab a 4th sticky note and write down “ideal customer” at the top. This is the person who’s going to be paying for your craft kits. Perhaps she’s a toddler mom or a tween dad - is she or he crafty? What is important to them? What do they want their kids to be spending their time on?

Try to think of a friend, or perhaps it's yourself, and write down as much info as you can about that person. 

Put your sticky notes up on the wall as you’ll need to keep your ideal customer in mind with every single thing you do and every decision you make going forward.

Let’s do a quick recap on the process:

  1. Sticky note 1: age group
  2. Sticky note 2: what they love, what are they passionate about
  3. Sticky note 3: combine 1 & 2 to find your niche
  4. Sticky note 4: who is your ideal customer/the person paying

Let us know in the comments below who your ideal customer is. And remember, the riches are in the niches!

P.S. Want to sell kits but don't know where to start? Check out our Creative Kit Starter Guide eBook!


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