Extreme Makeover: Studio Edition


There's nothing quite like a fresh lick of paint to make your studio feel revived and like new again!

We got that 'Spring Cleaning' feeling last week and totally transformed our studio.

Although we loved our craft wall and showing off all our students' incredible talent, the wall space felt a little cluttered and wasn't the ideal background for all the vids we'd like to record in-studio. So, it was time for a change!

When's the last time you headed out on a paint-hunting expedition? The last time we went was NEVER and O.M.G. the selection was incredible! For artsy, craftsy people like us, it felt like absolute heaven. And, even better, we weren't there selecting a boring old eggshell or beige colour for a conservative dining room (yawn). We got to go crazy and pick the most gorgeous, vibrant shades of all our favourite colours!

Lili, our in-house artist, brought her expertise to the project. We made a day of it (with lots of snacks and coffee), put some tunes on, and got our hands messy!

Here's the before and after:

Thank you to everyone who shared ideas and inspiration for how to repaint our wall. In the end we went with a cross-hatch pattern using all our CCC brand colours.

We completed the look by stringing up some lights and some bunting in matching colours, homemade by Stef (talk about a Dream Team).

Look how purdy!

Now not only do we have a beautiful view outside the studio, but a beautiful view inside too.

P.S. What does your studio look like? Share some pics, we'd love to see!



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