Striking the Balance Between Excitement and Serenity in Your Classroom (+ Free Zentangle Volcano Art Lesson!)

Posted on Feb 14, 2024

Picture this: a classroom filled with kids buzzing with excitement, bouncing off the walls, grabbing every art supply in sight. You’re losing your voice trying to control the noise.

Now picture the opposite: a classroom filled with silent kids (phew! Some peace and quiet), but, wait, the calm is a little too tranquil… your students aren’t engaged, and they look a bit bored.

When you’re first starting out, it’s hard to know what the vibe will be like in your classroom. Does that fear make you nervous about teaching your first class? We’ve all been there.

So how do we bridge the gap between a room that's too excited and one that's too calm?

Here’s a tip: You can set the tone for your classroom simply by choosing the right lesson. That’s where we come in. We’ve designed a lesson that hits the sweet spot.

Our Volcanic Eruption art lesson is where the thrill of volcanic eruptions meets the tranquility of mindful Zentangle artistry, creating an atmosphere that engages, excites, and relaxes all in one. Intrigued?

Let's dive in and explore how this creative solution strikes the perfect balance for your classroom.

 The Allure of Volcanoes 

Volcanoes have captivated human imagination for centuries with their fiery displays and the raw power of nature.

Introducing this natural wonder to your students can pique their interest in science, geography, and art all at once.

The symbolism of a volcano—its potential for creation and destruction—offers a rich tapestry for creative exploration.

 The Zen of Zentangle 

Now, onto Zentangle—your secret weapon for a calm and creative atmosphere.

Zentangle, a methodical and mindful art technique, provides an ideal platform for students to express their creativity while honing their focus and concentration.

This meditative drawing style involves the creation of detailed “doodles,” which can be as simple or detailed as the artist decides, making it accessible for students of all skill levels.

 The Benefits of Zentangle for Students 

1. Focus Booster:

Zentangle is like a mindfulness exercise for your students, helping them zone in on details and foster concentration. Say goodbye to wandering minds!

2. Stress Reliever:

The repetitive nature of Zentangle promotes a calming effect, making it an excellent activity for stress relief and relaxation.

3. Confidence Builder:

The structured approach of Zentangle allows students to build confidence in their artistic abilities as they discover that they can turn fun doodles into a masterpiece (who knew?).

With each stroke, your students build confidence without even realizing it. It's a low-key way to boost their ego without the expectation of mastering a difficult artistic technique.

Ready to check it out? Click the image below to download our Zentangle Volcano Lesson.

 What’s included: 

  • Step-by-step, printable instruction template
  • Video tutorial with shareable QR code

Wondering how you can structure your lesson to maximize engagement and calm?

Here’s a lesson overview that you can follow:

 Lesson Overview 

Step 1 - Volcano Insights:

Kick off the excitement with a quick chat about volcanoes. Lava, eruptions, and all the cool stuff that'll grab your students' attention.

Step 2 - Zentangle 101:

Break down the basics of Zentangle—it's like teaching them the art of controlled doodling. Simple, stress-free, and oh-so enjoyable!

Step 3 - Let the Art Begin:

Combine the power of volcanoes with the magic of Zentangle. Set your students loose with patterns and watch their creativity unfold.

Ready to dive in? Download the Zentangle Volcano lesson plan and get started.

Your classroom will become a hub of artistic exploration and volcano-inspired fun!

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