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Full Lesson Plan: Castle on a Cloud Craft

We've got a craft project jam-packed with super skill development opportunities for kiddos ages 4 to 6 to share with you today!

But before we do...

Here’s a question for you:

(Most people don’t know the answer to this question. Let’s see how you do.)

What is the name of the person who designed the house/apartment block you live in?

Chances are pretty good you never even thought about it?

Don’t worry, it’s not you. Most people don’t know this!

When I worked as an architect, I really burned the midnight oil. I climbed the corporate ladder, walked the walk and talked the talk.

There are even a dozen or so buildings that I've designed from start to finish.

But, you know what…

No one, except my family, close friends (and now you) will ever know this about me.

Since starting my own kids crafting club something big and unexpected happened: 

I started getting direct recognition for my work. 

And not just a little, TONS and TONS, every single day!

Little notes saying “best teacher in the world” and kids running up to me and giving me a hug every time they step into my classroom.

A little boy once said to me “I don’t ever want to stop coming to arts and craft club, can I do this when I am a grown up?!”

To be honest, as much as I love the recognition (who doesn’t love a little recognition?!) the REALLY rewarding part of teaching arts & crafts for me is seeing our students develop.

Little by little, every week, they are learning and developing new skills.

And they don’t even realise it, because we are having so much fun!

Today, we're bringing architecture and arts & crafts together.

Click here or on the image below to download your free castle on a cloud lesson plan. ⤵ 

This very creative and fun craft will inspire imaginative play after class.

Go along with what the kids' interests are... perhaps a fairy or princess or perhaps the castle has a train track, helicopter pad or it belongs to dinosaurs or robots.

Let the kids create characters and tell you stories about what their castles are all about.

Inside you'll find:

  • A supply list, what you'll need
  • Explanation of the performance super skills that will be developed
  • Step-by-step craft instructions with pictures
  • A relaxing wind down activity
  • Bonus: Parent Handout!

Age recommendation: 

This project is recommended for kids ages 4 to 6 with basic adult assistance, and kids ages 7 to 12 would love it too and would be able to do the project on their own.

Here’s what you’ll need:

We've listed lots of supply options below, be creative and use what you have! 

  • Recycled supplies: Box, toilet rolls, cardboard and scraps of paper
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue or duct tape
  • Colouring supplies
  • Paint supplies: Watercolour paint/Tempera watercolour cakes, water in a bowl, paint brush
  • Décor supplies: paper, foam sheets, colour paper, stickers, paper straws etc.
  • Cotton wool (clouds)

What super skills will your students learn?

Imagination and Creativity

This craft is all about imagination and creativity. Encourage kids to come up with their own ideas.

Click the button below to DOWNLOAD the full lesson plan for free. Simply add your name and email and a copy will instantly be sent right to your inbox. 

We'd love to see how your students' projects turn out, please comment below!

To doing what you love (and getting recognised for it),


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