How to Upcycle Bits and Bobs Into a Mixed Media Masterpiece (+ FREE Hot Air Balloon Lesson Plan for All Ages)

Posted on Oct 19, 2023

Let's dive into a problem that many of us crafters face – what on Earth do we do with all those odds and ends cluttering up our homes? 

Plus, how can we find a craft that's a hit with both kids and adults? 

We've got the solution: our hot air balloon project.

It's a creative journey that helps you declutter your space while keeping your students engaged, entertained and inspired. 

Let's face it – most of us have a craft drawer in our home or studio overflowing with bits and bobs. 

Buttons, ribbon, fabric scraps, and cardboard pieces – we save every item with the thought of “This could come in handy one day!” but when do we ever get around to using them? They're taking up valuable space. The clutter is real, and it's not going anywhere on its own.

Enter our hot air balloon project, designed to transform that crafty clutter into something beautiful.

It's a craft that not only puts those odds and ends to good use but also suits every age group, from kiddos aged 4 to seasoned adults.

 The Benefits of Our Hot Air Balloon Project 

Kids' Creative Playground: Children are naturally drawn to mixed media art. It allows them to explore and experiment with textures, colors, and shapes in a way that's both fun and educational. 

For the younger crafters (aged 4-12), this project is a sensory adventure. They get to touch, feel, and experiment with textures and colors. It's a mini art expedition that exposes them to new materials they may not have encountered before.

Photo credit: CCC Member Joanna

Teen & Adult Artistry: As for the teens and adults, this project offers a canvas for self-expression. It's a chance to hone and refine artistic skills, experimenting with more advanced techniques, color combos and new materials. 

And let's not forget the therapeutic benefits – mixed media is the perfect way to zone out and enjoy some downtime after a busy day. It has a way of instantly soothing the soul and easing stress.

All-Ages Appeal: Having two versions of the same project means this lesson is a fantastic solution for a family workshop or a class with diverse age groups. It's an activity that can bring grandparents, parents, teens, and young kids together, all working on the same project at their own skill levels.

Problem Solving & Imagination: Mixed media art is a versatile and expressive form of artistic creation that allows you to breathe new life into old materials. 

For everyone involved, mixed media projects like our hot air balloon stimulate problem-solving skills and ignite the imagination. It's not just about following instructions; it's about creating something unique from the materials you have on hand, resulting in totally unique finished projects - not one of them will look alike!

Photo credit: CCC Member Camille

An All-in-One Solution to The Clutter Conundrum: One of the most beautiful aspects of mixed media art is that it encourages you to use what you have. Your craft drawer is a treasure trove of artistic elements waiting to be transformed into something beautiful. 

Buttons, ribbon, pieces of fabric, and cardboard can find a new purpose in this project, allowing you to declutter your space while creating something beautiful.

 Ready to embark on this hot air balloon adventure? 

Click on the image below to get your hands on BOTH versions of the lesson plan - one for ages 4-12 and one for teens & adults.

Happy crafting!

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