How to Create Your Own PAINT PARTY KIT: Our Exact Blueprint

Allow yourself to dream today and picture what running your own art kit business would make possible for you… 

Waking up and being in control of YOUR day, planning, taking photos and packing your kits… when it suits you and on your terms!

Are you craving a bit of flexibility, fun and fulfillment in your life? 

If that’s a YES, then today you’re in luck because we’ve created a done-for-you art kit blueprint FREEBIE so that you can take the first step in starting your own creative business.

You can start selling art kits without having to spend a lot of money, without having to quit your job, without having to take risks… 

It all starts with taking that first step. 

In the freebie, you’ll also learn how to sell kits in bulk so that you can make extra money for your family and realise the dream of complete flexibility and freedom.

Imagine if you took the first step and it turned into a full-time career?

What will you do with all that extra time? 

Will you go for a morning walk after dropping the kids at school, or perhaps meet a friend for coffee? What about building a fort and baking cookies with the kids when they get home?

A life lived with less monotony and a whole lot more flexibility, fulfilment and fun starts with just taking the first step…

We often chat about how scared we were when we started our creative kids club just a few years ago, and how incredibly glad we are that we moved through our fears and just took that first step! The best time to plant your creative tree is TODAY.

No matter how busy or scared you are or how unprepared you feel, you won’t get to where you want to go by waiting. Click to download your free blueprint and JUST GET STARTED. 

It's easier than you think…

Here’s the first 4 steps (all included inside the Freebie):

  1. Download our free Paint Party/DIY Kit Blueprint PDF
  2. Use our checklist for what to include in your kits & go shopping!
  3. Use our 2 free art templates to create your first kits
  4. Use our tips and sell 'Paint Party' kits in BULK!

It's as easy as that!

PLUS, you'll be able to use the same Paint Party/DIY Kit Blueprint to create other kits to sell either in a monthly art kit subscription (hello, recurring income!) or for other paint parties in the future.

Ready to get started? Download the free PDF here!

With excitement,
Christelle & Stefanie

P.S. Want more art templates to include in your kits + our subscription kit blueprint? Check out our Art Lesson Club.


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