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How to Let Go of Control and Perfectionism When Crafting With Kids


You might know we live in Cape Town. A city with beautiful mountains, incredible people, and strrrong winds! 

When the wind starts blowing it REALLY goes for it.

Again and again we’ve watched the trees bend without breaking — each time emerging stronger and more resilient.   

And you know what they remind us of? 

They remind us of every dreamer who’s ever faced challenges and made it to the other side stronger than ever. 

If this pandemic taught us anything it’s that times of crisis make it SO much easier to focus on what *really* matters.

As you start and grow your business there will be MANY strong winds and MANY ups and downs. 

One thing we know from experience is that being able to LET GO of the small things as you build your business gives you room to breath and keeps stress levels down while you are figuring it all out. 

In this training, which was recorded live on Facebook, Marlene and Christelle talked about 'How to Let Go of Control and Perfectionism When Crafting With Kids'.

You can watch part 3 of the 4-part series titled 'How to let go and manage perfectionism when crafting with kids and the harm if you don’t!' below:

Look out for the fun and practical challenge at the end of the discussion and let us know how you did in the comments below!

Lots of love,
Christelle & Stefanie


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