How to Use Facebook Live to Grow Your Creative Business (with Tamara Bennett)


"When you connect with your audience through video they feel like they know you. When they connect with you, they want to support you and your craft."

Tamara Bennett from Southern A-Door-nments Decor joined Stefanie de Wet (co-founder of Canvas Club and the Creative Crafting Club) live on Facebook to talk about how to use Facebook Live to grow your business.

If you're serious about taking your creative business to the next level, this free training is a must-watch!

Here are Tamara's top 4 tips for Facebook Live:

Show up regularly. Bonus points if it's on a scheduled day and time every week.
Core Values
What are 4 things that describe you and your business? What do you stand for? 
Interacting with your viewers and making them feel seen and cared for goes a long way towards building an audience that will share your content and buy your products.
Be willing to work with and cross promote other businesses. Your audiences are likely different. I recommend working with people who have similar core values and who have an audience type you want access to. This goes both ways. You wouldn't want to allow someone to promote on your platform that does not align with your values.

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