Beyond the Classroom: How Kayla Rediscovered Passion After Burnout

Posted on May 02, 2024

Kayla was an elementary and preschool teacher who felt burnt out and overworked.

She left the classroom to work as an administrator at an architecture firm but missed teaching and working with children.

To satisfy her passions, she started teaching art and science classes on Saturdays from home.

The classes became a weekly highlight, and she plans to make them her full-time job soon.

Kayla entered our CCC for Life competition, she shared her story far and wide, and we are excited to announce that she is our winner for 2024!

What that means is she’ll have full access to the CCC Academy and 1 CCC Curriculum membership of her choice (for life!!) so she can continue to pursue her dream of inspiring kids through creativity.

If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch Kayla's story here:

P.S. After watching Kayla’s story, you might be thinking... “how can I turn my love for arts & crafts into a flexible and meaningful creative business?”

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