Full Lesson Plan: Kids Colourful Christmas Tree Craft

We all know Christmas time means lots of colourful decorations!

In this lesson we're going to explore different objects, textures, shapes and colours while creating a colourful Christmas tree!

We create this project with our students every year and they absolutely love it! Each and every tree comes out unique and cheerfully colourful. And if there's one thing we need right now, it's a bit of colourful fun and cheer!

The best part of this project is that you can use recycled boxes to create the shape of the tree and go on a treasure hunt for bits and bobs to use to create decorations.

We'll also show you how to create a unique base for the tree so that it can stand up on its own as well as how to create a loop at the top so that the kids can hang their trees up as an ornament if they wish.

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Inside you'll find:

  • A supply list, what you'll need
  • Explanation of the performance super skills that will be developed
  • Step-by-step craft instructions with pictures
  • Game break: Hula Hoop Christmas Bell Obstacle Course
  • A relaxing wind down activity
  • Bonus: Parent Handout!

Age recommendation: 

This project is recommended for kids aged 2 to 3 with adult assistance, and kids aged 4 to 12 would love it too and would be able to do the project on their own.

Here’s what you’ll need:

We've listed lots of supply options below, be creative and use what you have! 

  • Recycled cardboard (thin enough to fit a hole punch)
  • Wool/string
  • Scissors/utility knife
  • Punch/skewer to make holes
  • Embroidery needle
  • Colouring Supplies: Pencils, pastels, crayons or markers
  • Paint Supplies: Watercolour paint/tempera blocks or any other paint, water jug and paint brush
  • Other decorations: Beads/small cut straws, pompoms, stickers, glitter & glue, etc.
  • Pool noodle pieces/toilet cardboard roll halves for the stem of the tree
  • Game: Contact paper and scraps of coloured paper

What super skills will your students learn?

Tactile: This class creates a place to explore textures by decorating a Christmas tree with a variety of materials.

The exploration of textures is very important for a child as it helps them to learn, adapt and adjust to their environment.

Fine-motor Coordination: Building and decorating the Christmas tree requires a cylindrical hand grip and lots of motor planning.

These fine-motor skills are vital for development and are being taught, practised and repeated in this craft while having lots of fun!

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