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Makayla’s Story: How Her Club Went From Being Just a Dream to Thriving in Less Than a Year!

Posted on Mar 31, 2022

At 6 months old, Makayla’s son started showing some strange symptoms.

The doctors couldn’t find anything.

As he started walking, he would get tired very easily and fall.

She tried to keep him in sports, but it wasn’t working. He got fevers and was in a lot of pain.

She had to try something else. So she got some supplies and started crafting with him.

He thrived with it! They started crafting together more and more.

They wanted to share their crafts with others, so Makayla took the leap, joined the CCC Academy, and got her club up and running.

 Here's how Makayla started her journey back in 2021: 

Now, one year later, she has a thriving club, runs after-school arts & crafts classes (she had 30 sign-ups the first day!), and still takes the time to teach free online craft classes for underprivileged kids in India.

Find out how Makayla built a thriving club in less than a year by watching the interview below.

 One year later... 

Her story is truly inspiring. Her passion for kids and crafting is tangible and it shows in this interview.

Has Makayla’s story inspired you to start your own successful arts & crafts club? It’s possible for you too!! You just have to take that first step like Makayla did and get started. 

The CCC Academy is opening for enrollment soon, join the waiting list today to be the first to know when our doors open!