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From art around the dining room table to running her own online membership


Stefania always had a passion for art and being creative.

When she had her second child, she knew that what she really wanted is a fulfilling creative career that would allow her to be at home for her children. 

She wanted to be her own boss and determine her own schedule.

So she set out to do just that... Here’s what she did:

One day, after the school run, she posted this one line on Facebook:

“I run arts & crafts classes for kids. Would you like to join?”

(Trying to sound confident on the outside and freaking out on the inside!!) 

Two weeks later she had her first full class. 

She then started running classes for homeschooled children and her small business started booming. She had to start a waiting list to keep up with the demand!

When COVID-19 hit she started teaching online. 

It was what happened next that really blows us away!

Learn how Stefania levelled up her online classes in a very unique way in this interview with Christelle. 

Here’s what we love about Stefania’s story:

She started small, with a few kids around her dining room table. Today she runs a successful online art club. She is her own boss, she determines her own schedule, all while being at home with her kids - her biggest inspiration!

Want to know the secret to starting a kids arts & crafts club?

(Lean in, this is good…)

Here it is: 

Just start.

That’s how all amazingly wonderful dreams come true - by just getting started.

You don’t need to quit your job. You don’t need a bunch of money. You don’t need to have years of experience teaching. You just need to start!

Do you need some help to take that first step?

We have an incredible group of supportive creatives (including Stefania!) inside the Creative Crafting Club membership, all learning and growing together.

We’d love for you to join us and get to know them all!


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