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What do I put inside my kits??? Answers below.

Posted on Mar 10, 2022

So you’ve got this AMAZING idea to earn some extra money selling art kits, but you’re wondering…

  • What do I put inside them? Instructions? Supplies?
  • What packaging should I use?
  • How do I ship them? Do I include shipping in the price?
  • How long will it take me to put them together?
  • How much profit will I make?
  • How do I get people to sign up month after month to create recurring income?

Well, you’re in luck. In this how-to video CCC member and owner of ‘That Kid Life’, Lauren, answers all of the questions above as she shares with us EXACTLY what she puts inside her subscription kits. 

This episode is loaded with value! From details on how she makes her kits extra special and the supplies she adds in each month, to the instruction templates used and important lessons learned. Lauren, uses CCC’s done-for-you art kit blueprint and resources to set up and package her kits, which saves her tons of time. 

Her kits are prepackaged at home and delivered on a monthly basis to kids all over the UK who have purchased a monthly subscription (hello, recurring income!)

Inside each kit she includes step-by-step art instruction templates from the CCC Art Lesson Club (a different theme for each month) and adds art supplies, a personalised postcard and extra little surprises, all wrapped up beautifully like a gift.

Her biggest piece of advice? 

 “Keep the child in mind in how they’re feeling when they open up this box. You want them to be so excited, and just can’t wait to rip it open and see what’s inside.” 

Check out her step-by-step video below to see exactly how she does it.


If, after watching Lauren’s video you’re still wondering…

  • What supplies should I include in my kits?
  • How do I set up recurring payments?
  • How do I market myself?
  • How do I teach the lessons online?
  • Do I need a Facebook business page?
  • What should I post on social media?

The answer to all of these questions (and more) can be found in our Subscription Art Club Blueprint (inside the Art Lesson Club).

PLUS: get instant access to a library of done-for-you instruction templates, art video tutorials, marketing designs, supply lists and postcard collectables.

 Want a taste of what’s inside the membership? Click here (or on the image below) to download a FREE drawing template. 

Are you ready to start earning a recurring income selling creative kits from the comfort of your home? Join the Art Lesson Club to gain all the resources you need to get started! >>

P.S. Did Lauren’s video inspire you to get started? Tell us what you’re planning in the comments below.