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What is Creative Crafting, REALLY?



We often get asked: What is Creative Crafting? Is it Art? Is it Science? Is it Crafts? Is it STEAM? What do kids DO in a Creative Crafting class?

There is no better way to define Creative Crafting as how one of our 9 year old students explained it to his friend one day:


“We make cool toys that can DO stuff, like rockets that shoot and cars that can drive.”

Creative crafting is creating something from nothing, it is a process of discovering, connecting, exploring, and transforming. Think of it like this: 


If Arts and Crafts and STEAM got married and had a baby, the kid’s name would be: Creative Crafting.


In a Creative Crafting class, kids work with different materials and create interesting crafts, toys or games.

The crafts are based on STEAM-principles and develop important super skills in kids. Creative Crafting activities encourage children to:

  1. Ask questions
  2. Connect the dots
  3. Problem solve
  4. Think Creatively 
  5. Be innovative

Let's have a look at the type of projects kids create in a Creative Crafting class:

Little Emma learned about the process of metamorphosis when a caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly in a fun way. In this lesson there is a lot of focus on sensory and imaginative playEmma's mom sent us a text a few weeks after this class to say that Emma is still sleeping with this beautiful caterpillar that she made in class! In the next class we completed the process and she made colourful butterfly wings with straps so that she can wear them on her back. 

This is Sam, she’s 6, she made a Forest Puppet Show Box and performed a show for her parents and teacher after class!

These 2 year olds created Giant Candies filled with crunchy, bubbly and soft fillings. We played games and sang songs related to the theme. This activity allowed for sensory exploration and learning other performance skills through play.

Meet Matt (8), Malte (9) and Terrence (8), they are best friends and created rockets (using a pool noodle!) that shoot 20m far. They played with their rockets for hours after class and even took them to school the next day to show their friends how far they can shoot on the sports field.

Sometimes Creative Crafting is a group effort and a wonderful bonding experience. Ben and his Grandad made a racing track with magnet powered cars and then raced to see if they could catch each other. It's hard to say who enjoyed this activity the most, Ben or his Grandad. 
P.S. Ben won! 


In summary, Creative Crafting is about developing skills, systematic thinking, making friends, bonding and nurturing conscious curiosity in kids (and in adults too!).

Most importantly, it's about having loads of fun while you learn!


Curiosity Unlocks Creativity

“65 percent of children entering grade school this year will end up working in careers that haven't even been invented yet." For our children to thrive in this technological work, we have to equip them with the ability to be curious. 


How To Incorporate Creative Crafting into Your Kid's Life?

  • Parents: Start doing weekly creative crafting projects at home with your kids.
  • Teachers/ Homeschoolers: Include themed creative crafting projects to your classes to explain concepts through hands-on learning.
  • Schools: start an after-school creative crafting club to encourage STEAM learning through play.
  • Mompreneurs: Start a creative crafting club at your home or your kid's school and invite all your friends to bring their kids for a weekly class. 
  • Holiday Clubs/ Camps: Ask the facilitator to include creative crafting lessons to the holiday club/ camp schedule.

The Creative Crafting Club offers age-appropriate, contemporary creative crafting lesson plans for 2 to 12 year olds. 

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We'd love to hear from you! Leave us a comment below and let us know what your kid's favourite Creative Crafting project is!


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