Why You Should Make Your Dream of Starting a Kids Arts & Crafts Club a Reality, Now!

If you’re dreaming of starting your own kids arts & crafts club, teaching in person, online or selling kits but you're STUCK and something is holding you back… 

Then listen up, today's blog episode is for you. 

We’re sharing our top reasons WHY you should make your dream of starting a kids arts & crafts club a reality, now!

By the end of this episode you’ll walk away with complete clarity on whether a kids arts & crafts club is suited for you.

And because starting a kids arts & crafts club and figuring out how to start can be overwhelming… We've put together a FREE kit blueprint to take the guesswork out of what to put inside your first kit. 

What’s included:

⭐️ Step by step instructions for what to put inside your kit 

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Then watch the video or continue reading to find out the top 4 benefits of running a kids arts & crafts club.

Over the past few years we went from having no flexibility and feeling trapped to starting and growing our own successful kids art & crafts club.

We started really small, doing classes from a church hall that we rented per hour. 

Within a year we had turned our small club into a thriving business, and not too long after that we expanded to teach at 61 fixed locations. 

Since then, we’ve added workshops, parties, kits, taught online and had the privilege to help thousands of other creatives all over the world start and grow their own clubs too. 

And now it’s your turn!

When it comes to starting, running and growing a kids arts & crafts club, we know what works and what doesn’t. 

And today we’re sharing our top 4 reasons to start a kids arts and crafts club business.

So let’s dive in.

 Reason 1: Having your own arts & crafts club provides the 4 F’s 

It gives you flexibility, freedom, fulfilment and fun.

It gives you the flexibility and freedom to run your kids club on YOUR own terms and plan things around your family’s schedule. YOU are the boss. 

For example, you can run your classes from home, over weekends or in the mornings when your kids are at school. 

Or you could create and sell kits whilst still keeping up a full-time job. 

Or teach online and reach kids from all over the world. The world is your oyster. 

 Reason 2: You don’t need a lot of money to get started 

When thinking about starting a new business or side hustle, the first thing most people think is that it’s going to cost you a lot to set it up… pheww, scary!!

That's what makes this opportunity so unique; you don’t need a lot of money to get started (actually you need very little).

Be smart when you set up your club. For in-person classes, you could pay a small fee per child or rent a room by the hour, or host classes at a restaurant, church, or school, or even at home around your dining room table (for free).

Another way to save costs for in-person classes is to use lots of recycled materials. Look at these amazing crafts made out of recycling. 

For online classes, what if you use your phone to film the videos (which you already have) and use Facebook to reach your customers (that’s free too).

Lastly, let’s look at how you can keep your costs low when you create and sell kits.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Make up one example kit
  2. Take photos and videos of your kit and use them to advertise
  3. Get a number of orders in before a specific date
  4. Only THEN go out and buy the supplies for those orders
  5. Pack your kits and deliver them
  6. Then move on to next month's kit and repeat

It's as simple as that. DON’T buy supplies before you get orders in. 

 Reason 3: You can create recurring income 

Be smart and don’t sell your classes or kits once off. Get students to sign up per month or per term or create a subscription - people sign up with a recurring monthly payment similar to joining a gym or Netflix, and then they receive your special kit at their door on a monthly basis or attend classes on a weekly basis.

There is no better stability than knowing that you have x number of people subscribed and thus that you will get x amount of recurring income each month.

A business with subscriptions means having steady income every month. Having the peace of mind that a steady income brings is invaluable.

Which brings us to our last point…

 Reason 4: When you start a club you automatically experience a snowball effect 

It may be that you start with in person classes at your home. Before you know it a parent will ask you to host a birthday party for their kid or a workshop for a baby shower or a paint and sip event. Then before you know it you’ll start selling DIY kits for parties and start taking part in seasonal events such as Christmas parties and markets!

Our top tip would be: start with one thing (teaching in person, online or selling kits) and then, once your business is successful, expand to other things and let that snowball grow. 

Your business will snowball and grow every single month.

That’s it. 

 Let’s do a quick recap 

Here are the top reasons WHY you should make your dream of starting a kids arts & crafts club a reality, now!

  1. Having your own arts & crafts club provides the 4 F’s. It gives you flexibility, freedom, fulfilment and fun.
  2. Unlike any other business, you don’t need a lot of money to get started. 
  3. You can create steady recurring income. Having the peace of mind that a steady income brings is invaluable.
  4.  You will automatically start experiencing a snowball effect. Just get started! 

Now we’d love to hear from you! Are you going to start teaching online, in person, or selling creative kits? Tell us in the comments.

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