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Top 4 Myths About Starting a Kids Crafting Club


People have so many assumptions about starting a kids crafting club.

They assume that you need heaps of cash to get started.

They assume that in order to work creatively with kids you need to have degrees in art and education.

They assume that in order to run a club for profit, you need to have years of business experience.

I can say with certainty that none of the above is true. 

What if we told you you're ALREADY in the perfect position to start your own club?

In this video I talk about the 4 most common myths about starting a kids crafting club.

Over the last couple of years of helping women all over the world start and grow their kids crafting clubs, we’ve realized that there are so many people out there who are passionate about creativity and crafting and working with children, but they don’t pursue their dream of running a kids crafting club because of FEAR…

And this thing called ‘Fear’ comes in a number of forms, for example:

  • Fear that they don’t have enough money to get started
  • Fear that they don’t have the required skills, like business skills or art skills 
  • Fear that they are not creative enough

But here’s the thing, these fears are nothing but MYTHS.

Today we’re going to talk about the 4 most common myths of starting a kids crafting club.

Let's dive right in and do some myth busting!

Myth #1: I need heaps of start up cash before I can start

Unlike most other businesses, the reality with a kids crafting club is that you really don’t need a lot to get started.

So this myth is completely false. 

Let’s break it down.

For you to get started with your kids crafting club, you essentially need 3 things: a venue, supplies and marketing. 

Let’s briefly touch on each of these:


If you have a dining room table at your house you can start out there! 

When we started out we didn’t have a space at home so we rented a room at our local church and paid them a small fee per student. Then we started hosting after-school classes at schools, mostly for free and sometimes for a small fee per student. It was only much later when we had built up loyal customers that we moved into a studio space. 

Our Creative Crafting Club members host classes online, in-person from their homes, at studios , at their local schools, kid-friendly restaurants, church halls, community centres, art galleries, garden nurseries - you get the point - anything is possible!

These ladies are teaching crafting classes online using Facebook and their smartphones to record!

Anneke (image below) created a home-based crafting studio:

Melissa (image below) hosts her crafting classes in a room at an art gallery:

Somien (image below) partnered with a therapy centre. The centre has an occupational therapist, a kids psychologist and now a crafting club too. What a great combination!

Tip: as long as you pay per child you will only have to pay when you make money, so this is a great way to start out as you don’t need upfront cash if you do it this way.

Remember: you don’t need a Pinterest perfect studio to get started. Start small, you can always grow into the studio space of your dreams at a later stage when you’ve got a steady income stream.


Want to know our secret to running a low cost crafting club?

It’s using A LOT of recycled materials! Upcycling a crafting club owners best friend!

If you haven't yet, you can grab our free recycled items checklist in which we share our complete list of recycled items that work best for kids crafting.

Other than that you will need to buy some basic arts and crafts supplies. If you are smart with the supplies that you use, then it can last a really long time.

Start small, don’t buy everything upfront, use what you have at home and only buy the supplies you need for your first classes and buy more later as you grow.

We’ve added a list of the supplies that we use in every class on the guide as well so be sure to grab that to get an idea of the essentials that you’ll need.


In our experience, the most effective way of marketing your kids crafting club is through word of mouth.

Being referred by someone who has attended one of your classes is more valuable than handing out 1000 flyers or paying for Facebook ads.  

I know this may be hard to believe, but it's true. If you have kids, think of the activities they attend. Then think back of where you first heard about these activities. Most likely through a friend or the school newsletter? If not let us know in the comments, I’d love to know! 

So use your network when you’re starting out! That’s how most humble businesses start, with family and friends and friends of friends and then friends of friends telling their friends.

Myth #1: I need heaps of start up cash before I can begin - BUSTED!

Myth #2: I need formal teacher training to run a kids crafting club

This is one we hear all the time. Can you relate? 

Here’s the thing: you don't need formal education to run a kids crafting club. 

Christelle and I don’t have degrees in teaching and nor does Lili who teaches at our club and nor do most of our members in the Creative Crafting Club!

You don’t need to spend years to obtain certification or a qualification before you can start earning money with a kids crafting club.

There are so many new opportunities to LEARN nowadays, think of all the e-books, courses, memberships and other resources that condense massive learning into months and sometimes even weeks.

The online world has opened doors for us all. 

Even though we believe you don’t need formal training in education we do however feel very strongly about a couple of things that you DO need and they are:

  1. a passion for working with kids, 
  2. an appreciation for creativity and nurturing curiosity in kids, 
  3. enthusiasm and the ability to communicate well with kids.

If you feel the need to boost your confidence when it comes to working with groups of children, then you could always volunteer at your kid’s school, a daycare, after school club or holiday camp.

Or you can just start off with a small group of kids in your class and grow the number of kids you per class as your confidence grows.

But you really, really, really don’t need a formal qualification in teaching to run your own kids crafting club.

Myth #2: I need formal teacher training to run a kids crafting club - BUSTED!

Myth #3: I need business experience if I want to make money with my club

While business experience may be a bonus, I can tell you with certainty that even if you don’t have business experience, it is very possible to make a success of your own kids crafting club.

In fact there are 2 things that I believe are more important than having experience or a qualification in business and here they are:

  1. An eagerness and willingness to learn -omg this is so important, if you really want to, you can learn anything!
  2. A mentor or someone who has gone before you who you can learn from

Learning from those who have gone before you makes a big difference. And let me be very clear: I am referring to those who have achieved success doing what you want to do. 

If someone has been successful in doing the same thing, follow their advice. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel if you can follow a proven process or roadmap and learn from those who have gone before you. 

So you don’t need a business degree, you just need these 2 things then you will be well on your way to build a successful kids crafting club.

Myth #3: I need business experience if I want to make money with my club - BUSTED!

Myth #4: I need to be very creative to be able to run a kids crafting club

To be honest, I used to think this was true too. 

I used to think parents of students would want their kids to learn from someone with an art degree or something similar.

I mean think about it, arts and crafts and creativity are synonymous, right?

But if you really start unpacking it, teaching arts and crafts to kids is all about the process. The kids are doing the work and you as the teacher are there to guide and inspire them. To ask questions so that they can solve the problems and get to a solution.

It’s really about them, not about you.

The most beautiful part of a crafting class happens when the kids get to make the decisions and create something from nothing. 

If you allow them this opportunity, to take control of their own creative process, they BEAM of pride and joy. 

So no, you don’t have to be very creative to run a crafting class, it’s more about asking questions to guide the kids on their creative journeys. 

When it comes to lesson plans the online world saves the day again! There are loads of free resources online for anyone to use. 

A tip and word of warning I want to share with you on this point is to beware of using Pinterest crafts!

Most of the crafts on Pinterest are created by adults (that’s why they are so pretty) but kids crafts need to be tested on kids to ensure that they work for kids and that they are age appropriate. 

To get you started we’ve added 3 free lesson plans to the guide you can download.

To be completely honest with you, lesson planning does take a lot of time, so if you don’t have a lot of time I would highly recommend signing up for a program that does the lesson plans for you - just ensure that the lessons have been tested on real human children. 

In a recent survey we did with our Creative Crafting Club members they said that the done-for-you step-by-step lesson plans we provide as part of our membership is the number 1 reason why they would recommend the membership to others as many of them are moms and let’s be honest, moms just don’t have a lot of time. 

If you are running weekly classes and if you have to constantly research new crafts to do with your students, then you can easily become overwhelmed. 

So even if you’re creative i would recommend going this route, because it just saves you a ton of time in research and preparation.

At the end of the day if your students have an awesome time in your classes, they will want to come back for more, week after week. So as long as you can make it a SUPER experience for them, your business will be rocking.

Myth #4:  I need to be very creative to host crafting classes - BUSTED!  

So there you have it!

Myth #1: I need heaps of start up cash before I can begin - Busted!

Myth #2:  I need formal teacher training to run a kids crafting club - Busted!

Myth #3:  I need business experience to make a profit from my club - Busted!

Myth #4:  I need to be very creative to host crafting classes - Busted!

Now, I’d love to hear from you. 

Let us know in the comments below if you have any other struggles, doubts or fears about starting your own kids crafting club because we’d love to help.

Lots of love,


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