Bouncing Bunnies - Lesson Plan Freebie!



The Bouncing Cup Bunny craft is a really fun STEAM activity to do with your kids at home.

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, this bouncing bunny craft is super fun for all ages!

The video instructions are presented to you by one of our adorable students, in our native language, Afrikaans.

Don’t worry, we’ve included the steps in English (and in detail below as well) so that you and your kids can follow and craft along. 


  • 2 Paper cups
  • Paper
  • Glue, tape or a stapler
  • Something to add some color: sharpies, crayons or paint
  • Permanent marker or pen
  • Cotton ball or felt ball for a tail (optional)
  • Pipe cleaners for whiskers (optional)
  • 2 Rubber bands
  • Scissors



STEP 1: Draw and cut 2 ears per bunny. Test the size and make sure that they fit onto the sides of the paper cup. They can be a rounded triangle shape, sharp, floppy or even fluffy (stick cotton or felt on). 


STEP 2: Draw eyes, a mouth and whiskers. Stick your ears onto your cup using tape or glue, you could also staple the ears in place. 

STEP 3: Color your bunny using coloring pencils, sharpies, crayons or paint.


STEP 4: Using the same bunny cup, cut 4 small slots into the top edge of the cup or make 4 holes as shown in the video. Cut one slot, then cut another directly across from that one. Now cut two more slots between those.

STEP 5: Cut two rubber bands. Measure the bands to be slightly longer than the diameter of the top of your cup.

STEP 6: Tie a knot on each end of both rubber bands.  


STEP 7: Slide the end of one rubber band into one slot, pull it tight across and slide the other side in as well. Repeat this for the second rubber band to create a plus sign.

Adjust the knots if necessary to allow the bands to be tight-ish. Cut off the ends of the elastic bands. 


STEP 8: Stick a felt or cotton ball tail to the back.

STEP 9: Decorate your second cup with fun rainbow colors. You don't need to add bunny details or elastic bands to the second cup.


STEP 10: Add whiskers with pipe cleaners and make another bunny friend!


Place Cup 2 facing down on the table (bottom up). Put Cup 1 on top op Cup 2 (elastic bands will be resting on the bottom of Cup 2).  

Push your bunny down and release to see it jump like POPCORN!


We hope you have fun creating your bouncing bunnies at home.

We’d love to see how your kids’ bunnies turned out, please do share a picture with us!



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