Ready to Start Selling Kits? Here Are 5 Kit Mistakes To Watch Out For.

Posted on May 12, 2022

With thousands of arts & crafts club owners in our community, we’ve seen time and time again that there are 5 common mistakes to look out for when selling creative kits. 

We’ve been there. We’ve made these mistakes. And we’re sharing our knowledge with you today to help you avoid doing the same.

Ready to fast track your growth and skip these mistakes? Let’s get started:

 1. If I cater for everyone I will sell more kits 

When we first started our kids crafting club, our vision was to serve EVERYONE with all things arts and crafts. We were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and, well, all over the place!

The problem was, we weren't specific in who we were trying to serve so we didn't become well-known for one specific thing. 

In trying to serve everyone we ended up serving no one… 

Think about it practically. If you saw a pretty, creative kit pop up on your insta feed with a caption that read: ‘Creative kit for all ages, crafts range from unicorns to candle making to creating soap’ - would that draw your attention? Uhmmm, no. My immediate reaction would be one of confusion.. ‘Who is this kit for?’

Remember, a confused mind never buys. 

Now, If you have a toddler for example and you see a colourful and fun photo of a creative kit pop up on your insta feed that says “toddler developmental craft box” would that grab your attention? Heck yes! It’s aimed directly at you. I want my toddler to develop all those amazing skills listed on that post.

We quickly realised that we needed to get crystal clear on exactly who we were serving if we were ever going to make a success. AND IT WORKED! The moment we did this, we started getting the traction we needed and our business took off! 

We realised that “the riches are in the niches” i.e. the narrower our focus was, the greater our chance of success.

We couldn’t just sell ‘arts & crafts kits for kids’. We had to decide what age group we were selling to, whether our kits would be art kits OR craft kits, and then create a product that would talk directly to our ideal customer and grab their attention. 

We needed them to KNOW our kit was MADE FOR THEM.

In the end, what we gained was a client base that LOVED our kits. We grabbed the attention of a niche group of loyal customers who committed to buying our kits again and again and again (hello, recurring income!)

If you need help narrowing your focus to decide which niche you’re going to target, check out our blog episode Define who your Kits are for in 4 Easy Steps! and complete the easy peasy 4-step sticky note activity at the bottom of the page to discover your niche.

 2. I need a bunch of cash to start selling kits 

We bet your mind is reeling with ideas and you can’t wait to start putting kits together. You’ve probably already started doing your research, finding places where you can purchase supplies and packaging in bulk. Before you click ‘add to cart’, hang on a sec and hear us out.

It can be so easy to get carried away and excited about your kits. But the truth is, you only need to create ONE kit to start with. 

And here’s why…

If you buy supplies and create a bunch of kits before you have orders you might sit with stock that doesn’t sell. Be smart and take unnecessary stress away. Here’s what you gotta do:

  1. Create one kit
  2. Take pics and videos of it for marketing
  3. Take pre-orders and get paid upfront
  4. THEN buy the materials to make the rest 

Not sure what supplies and packaging you need to create that first kit? Check out our blog episode What do I put inside my kits??? Answers inside which will show you EXACTLY what to put inside your kits, from supplies and personalised postcards to instruction templates and packaging.

 3. Lowering my prices will get me more sales 

Too often we see creatives undercharging for their products because they’re not seeing the true value of what they offer. 

Something that is so important to take into account is the perceived value of a kit. 

Over and above covering your costs, you need to take into account the time and creative energy you channelled into making each kit special.

You put a lot of prep and effort and love into your kits and are delivering a fantastic product - and it's more than that really, it's a whole experience for your customers! 

Your kit has the potential to provide hours of fun and learning at home, which parents will pay good money for. 

You are helping kids develop a whole host of skills, as well as helping them to gain confidence in their creative abilities. You have a lot to offer, and the sooner you realise that the sooner you’ll feel totally comfortable charging what you deserve. And your customers will value what you do too!

If you’d like to read more about how charging too little for your kits could be harmful to your business in the long run, check out our blog episode Feel Awkward Charging for Your Services? Here's Why Pricing for Profit is Essential….

 4. I can’t sell kits because there’s already someone doing it in my area 

We’ve all been there. You want to start something and then see there are others in your area who are doing something similar. You immediately compare yourself to them who are much further along than you in the process and then... doubt starts setting in! 

The mistake many people make is to think that if you don't have any competition it will make it easier for them to make money. But the truth is, having competitors is a good thing and here's why: Having competitors proves that people want your product and are willing to pay for it. 

Having competition means that someone did you the favour of validating your idea for you and has proved that there is demand for it. 

Now that you know for sure that there’s a demand for what you’re selling, you can differentiate yourself from your competition by making sure your kits are unique and special and specific to your niche (remember point number 1?) 

You have your own unique flair, and what you put in your kits differentiates you and your business from others. Besides, there are plenty of customers for us all.

To learn more about why competition is a good thing, check out our blog episode Why Competition Is A Good Thing.

 5.“If you build it, they will come.” 

If you haven’t watched the movie Field of Dreams, here’s a quick recap: Kevin Costner hears a voice that tells him to mow down his cornrows and build a baseball field. He has no guarantees that anything will come of it besides the voice in his head that says “If you build it, they will come.” Luckily for him, the ghosts of famous baseball legends pitch up and attract a mob of fans who pay admission to watch the game, ultimately saving Costner’s farm from bankruptcy.

Unfortunately for everybody else in the world, it is highly unlikely that people (or ghosts) will appear out of nowhere and bring in a ton of money. If Costner’s character had been living in the real world, he would have needed the security of an established client base (preferably fans who had pre-booked tickets) BEFORE he mowed down his cornfield.

The fact is, you need to build your audience FIRST, so that when you launch your kit you have people ready to buy.

Building your customer list (an engaged audience of ideal customers) is the #1 thing you need to do to get your kit business off to a successful start. 

To read about other mistakes that first-time kit business owners make (that you might be making too) check out our blog episode Oh No, My Kits are Not Selling! 3 Causes of Low Sales That Will Surprise You.

And there you have it!

 Let's do a quick recap: 


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