Kids Crafting Club Member Stories
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See inspirational stories from our members:



Stefania Giraldi

When she had her second child, she knew that what she really wanted was a fulfilling creative career that would allow her to be at home for her children. She started teaching art around her dining room table. Today she runs her own successful online art club membership.


Lauren Woolf

She had previously taught once-off crafting sessions and wanted to do more. She didn’t know how to do it or where to go. She started contemplating going back to her old job as a primary school teacher... and then everything changed.


Lili Esterhuizen

Qualified artist turned extramural kids arts & craft teacher. Lili teaches online and in person and her passion for creativity and working with kids is absolutely beautiful.


Bethany Boyle

Bethany shares how the tragic loss of her childcare business kick-started her kids craft club journey. She shares how she used 'soft launches' to build her confidence and how leaning into her community has helped her build connections and grow her club! 


Makayla Piers

She wanted to teach crafting but didn't think she had the talent. When her son got ill and lost his ability to walk she started crafting with him in the hospital. They fell in love with it and wanted to share their crafts with others.


Joanna Craig

She’s always been creative. She recognised that there is a bigger focus on academics than creative skills in schools. She wanted to create a space for families to come together to bond and create amazing memories through creative crafting. So she did!


Cinty Gründlingh Rossouw

When they were blessed with their foster child, Cinty realised her 7am - 6pm admin clerk job was not going to work anymore. She wanted more flexibility and purpose. She wanted to help children to learn and grow.


Kirsty Sampaio

Kirsty used to do crafts at care homes and dementia homes. But, in 2020 as the world locked down... her business came to a complete halt. She didn’t know what to do or where to turn.


Dar Fletcher

Dar used to teach art to high school students. When the pandemic hit, she was laid off. She decided to use this time to finally get her kids arts & crafts club off the ground. Art and literacy have always been her passion.


Emma Louise Polin

Emma has a background in fine art and teaching. While recovering from a fall, she set up an art business. When the pandemic hit, she had to close down her business as in-person classes were no longer possible. She had to regain confidence and figure out how to keep moving forward.


Mae Geraghty

Mae, a mom of 4, used to work at a creche. During this time her children went to an arts & crafts club, and she was blown away. She couldn’t stop thinking about the idea of running her own… She was scared but knew she had to do it, it was a calling!


Nicola Harriott

For over 10 years, she wanted to start her own kids craft business. It just never got off the ground. When she returned to her teaching job after maternity leave, she started wondering about what she really wanted to do. She had zero experience in business and was terrified.


Lucinda Bossert

After being a full-time teacher at an academic ballet school for years, Lucinda started to become very tired. She was losing her passion for teaching. She wanted to be more creative. Something was missing.


Christelle Janse van Rensburg

Hear how Christelle, co-founder of the Creative Crafting Club, went from being overworked and stressed out as an architect to creating a flexible and creative life she loves! 

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